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One of the Top Golf Schools  in Golf Magazine

One of Golf Magazine's Top 25 Golf SchoolsThe Martin Green Golf Academy was voted one of the TOP GOLF SCHOOLS in the June 2003 GOLF MAGAZINE TOP 25 GOLF SCHOOL issue.

GOLF & TRAVEL says "...for pure ball striking this is the school to attend...without a doubt the TOP ball striking school in America..."

The Martin Green Golf Academy is recognized as one of the Top Golf Schools in the country by the Players Journal and one of the Top 3 Schools by Golf and Travel. Henry Griffitts ranks Martin Green among the Top 15 instructors in the world.

What Sets Us Apartů

Move at a pace that is comfortable for you. Not at a pace set by other students in a large class. Our customized golf schools let you spend time on the areas of your game that need the most work.

Instruction tailored to your golf game. Why waste time with generic lecture type golf instruction geared for teaching a dozen or so people at once.

Playing lesson with your instructor. Many golf schools talk about on course instruction, most simply send a pro out to follow several groups while they play. To us, this is a waste of time. With our programs, you and your professional play together in a 9 or 18 hole playing lesson, a format we think you will find both educational and fun!

For beginners or newer golfers, our golf schools offer you the ability to learn the game faster and in a more controlled environment.

For experienced golfers, our Advanced Players Schools and our Playing / Course Management Schools let you learn without the distractions of learning with less experienced golfers. Work on what you need too, not basics that you already know.

     The Martin Green Golf Academy, widely recognized as one of the Top Five Golf Schools in the country, offers each student unique instruction based on their individual games. Prior to arrival, each school attendee completes and returns a Belief/Opinion Survey, this completed survey gives Martin an insight into your game, allowing him to preliminarily structure your school based on your individual needs.

     Student surveys prove that Martin's program will improve your overall game and provide you with the knowledge necessary for continued improvement. We look forward to you attending one of Martin's upcoming school's and welcome the opportunity to provide you with an educational experience that will last a lifetime.

See What the Martin Green Golf Academy Can Do For You
Impact Before Impact After

Impact Before

This picture was taken the morning of the 1st day of a 3 - Day Playing / Course Management School.
(A) The player has let his body lead the swing and his body is completely past the ball prior to impact. (B) His hands are fighting to catch up and he must flip his hands at impact to give the club face a chance to square. (C) The lower body is dragging the upper body behind it and the lower body sway is very evident. This sway led to a very low ball flight and the tendency to push shots to the right.

Impact After

This picture was taken the morning of the 3rd day of school.
(A) Here the player has learned to maintain his position just prior to impact. (B) His hands are in the ideal impact position, he has squared the club face and the shaft is beginning to unload. (C) The legs are being used as a stable base, his sway has been eliminated and as result his ball flight is higher, and consistent. In addition, he now has the ability to draw the ball at will.

About Martin Green

     A native of England, Martin is a member of both the European PGA and South African PGA. Turning professional in 1968, Martin played the European, South African, and ANZ Tours throughout the 1980's.

     In 1993, he joined one of the top international instructional organizations as Head of Operations in Africa, based in Johannesburg.

     In 1996, Martin came to the U.S. to take over as Senior VP of Operations and Director of Instruction - Worldwide.

     A year later, as demand for Martin's instruction grew, Martin founded the Martin Green Golf Academy at the prestigious Hombre Golf Club in Panama City Beach, Florida.

     His school, now located in New Jersey, has become more and more popular and is widely recognized as one of the top golf schools in the country. With his students making dramatic improvements and his instruction receiving growing media attention, it became increasingly obvious to Martin that his unique instructional concepts offered improvement that most golfers only dream of.

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